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About KnightBook

KnightBook is a web-based online contact manager made specifically to store contacts for peers at the University of Central Florida. It acts like most contact majors and includes a searchable field for your peer's major so you can search through your contacts to find help from other students of certain majors. The site supports login with password hashing, the ability to search for contacts by name or major, ability to add, edit, or delete contacts, and it is all built with boot strap to allow easy scalability between browsers on different devices such as desktops or mobile.

Knightbook started by a team of undergraduate developers at the University of Central Florida in January 2021, and was completed by February 2021. KnightBook was built using HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS with Bootstrap.

I was able to take the role as Project Manager, and was able to work on the Database and the Front-End Development. This project allowed me to learn a lot about how databases work and allowed me to develop some HTML and Javascript skills.

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